Sunday, May 10, 2009


I love, love, love the little crafts they do in Sunday School on Mother's Day and Father's Day. Each year, I have gotten a set of hand prints with a poem. I pulled the two out from 07 and 08 and put them beside each other to compare. Those little hands have gotten bigger each year. (and so has my heart!!!)

Dan, eh, I mean Jonah got me once of those cool cards that let you record a message then plays a song. I didn't know it had a message, so when I opened it, I was expecting only a song. But, I heard the sweetest little voice say "Happy Mutters Day, I love you!" Sniff, Sniff! In case I haven't said it lately, I LOVE MY LIFE!


Anonymous said...

that was so sweet, I teared up!! Diane

Katie (and Tony) said...

tears here, too!

Amanda said...

I love all his little handprints. What great memories :)

David & Regina White said...

That video is precious! I know it melted your heart!

Anonymous said...

Sweetest video EVER! :-)

Anonymous said...

I didn't tear up; I CRIED like a baby...guess who-


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