Friday, April 24, 2009

The new choir director!!!

Dan left for Houston Monday after lunch and Jonah didn't see him until after church Wednesday night. I was going to keep Jonah up until Dan got home from choir practice but when I got him from the nursery he said "Please can I see my daddy?" Yeah, I caved. I hate to let him see Dan for just a minute because it makes him cry. But, I took the risk because he missed his daddy so much.

Dan has been leading the choir while we have been without a worship leader. So, he walked in the choir room and then spotted his dad coming through another door. After lots of hugs and kisses, Dan put Jonah on the stool and let him direct. He loved it. There are two videos at the end so you can watch Jonah in action!


amber said...

he is too cute!

Audra said...

That was PRECIOUS!!!

Anonymous said...

He's a natural...wanted to "do it
agin, daddy." Sooo sweet!


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