Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My new game!

Before Christmas, we got a box in the mail with presents from Pops and NeNe. One of the gifts for Jonah was the new Vmotion from Vtech. It is like a Wii for preschoolers but has educational benefits. As you know, we put up many of Jonah's gifts from birthdays and Christmas so we can pull out new toys throughout the year. This was one we put up but it was because we thought he needed a few more months before he would be able to grasp the concept.

I pulled it out of the box and read the instructions then let him play. He loved it. He could not quite understand what he was supposed to do educationally on all the levels but he loved using the controller and playing "his" game!

Thanks Pops and NeNe for such a fun gift. Maybe you can play with him while you are here visiting next week!


Anonymous said...

we will have to come over and let Marlie play the game with him!!! Diane

Beppa said...

Where's HIS guitar to play on HIS game? :)
By the way, if he has golf clubs, a golf bag, and is driving a golf cart, Hibbs should buy him some golf shoes to make up for the wet ones!

NeNe said...

We can't wait. We are looking forward to Tuesday! Especially those waffles!!!! LOL. We will have 'em for lunch! :)


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