Saturday, April 11, 2009

Meeting the Bunny

I had to visit one of our stores in Baton Rouge last Friday so we made a family trip out of that visit. We picked Jonah up from preschool and headed that way with the intention of me getting my work done and Jonah visiting the Easter Bunny.
We were glad there was not a long line because we were all hungry. We waited behind three families then we got to meet Mr. Peter Cottontail.

Jonah was a little unsure at first but after his daddy stepped up and introduced him to the bunny, he was okay.

He sat next to the bunny at first and just held his hand. That made for the most awkward pose ever! Once we realized he was comfortable, we decided to attempt sitting him on the lap. He handled it like a champ. I'm so glad the Santa debacle of 2007 is behind us.

Jonah sat there long enough to get a good picture then we moved on. He waved to the bunny and off we went on our merry way.
He got a pair of bunny ears to wear but as you can see, that did not thrill his soul. He was more interested in his chicken nuggets than those ears.
But, as you can see, Dan had no issue with the ears and wore them with pride.
We ate lunch next to the carousel and Jonah was just itching for a ride. That thing is great motivation for getting a little boy to eat his lunch. Oh, please note what he is riding on. It isn't the horses, it is the ONE tiger on that thing. The people here have convinced him tigers are awesome!!!

I'm so grateful for days like this with my little family. I remember wanting a baby so badly and it was just multiplied when I would pass kids waiting in line to see Santa or the Easter Bunny. I would imagine what my kids would wear and how many of those pictures I would buy to give away. Now, when I'm standing in line with my own little guy, I can't help but look at the people passing by just staring at him. I wonder what their story is and I wonder if they have the same longing I once did. Then, I look at Jonah and whisper a little prayer of thanks to God for my own little miracle. No, the Easter Bunny doesn't have any spiritual significance to most people, but because of that, he does to me!!!


destinmimi said...

And those people are right!! Tigers are awesome!!!

destinmimi said...

By the way.. those are precious pictures!!

Aunt Debra and Uncle Marty said...

I don't know how, but Jonah gets more precious everyday! Such great pictures - such a sweet smile -goes without saying, you have a great "canvas" to work with. I know God has blessed the two of you with this little angel, but He has blessed many more as well - us included!

Barb said...

Somebody needs to tell Jonah that tigers are awful and elephants are the best (Roll Tide!). :)

Oh, and yes, there are still those of us who walk by the Easter bunny and wish for a child of our own. But your story inspires me that there is still hope.


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