Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Sunday

I have decided that Easter is my new favorite holiday. It used to be Thanksgiving but in the past year, Thanksgiving has lost its spot. Easter is so special to all people who believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. As a mom, I want Jonah to enjoy holidays and to look forward to them but when it comes to Easter, I want him to understand the meaning. I want him to know that without Easter, we would have no hope. And, without Easter, our lives have no meaning!

So, while I shopped for new Easter clothes and stuff for his Easter basket, my spirit continually asked God to help me convey the message of Easter to my little 2.5 year old son. I want him to know and understand what Jesus did for him but still enjoy the fun of dyeing eggs and meeting the Easter bunny.

The night before Easter, I laid out his clothes in the living room and made sure all of his bunny stuff was ready. If you read the blog regularly, then you already know he didn't see the stuff from the Bunny until much later in the day. But, I wanted this picture to be out there to prove to you that the bunny did not forget!!!
I snapped a few pictures before we left for church. Jonah looked like such a little man rather than my baby boy. I found the most precious smocked outfit at Strasburg but Dan refused. He was okay with the dressy stuff up until his 2nd birthday but would not budge this year. I even found a cute little sailor outfit there and tried to convince him to let me buy that. No such luck. Honestly, I think he is still reeling from last year's Easter outfit. Dan said he looked like a girl in a dress!
(notice the big boy head tilt?)

We had two services this year and so Jonah got the privilege of being in the nursery for both. He has spent as much time in the building as home over the last 2 years. He loves it there so that is okay! He was so happy to show me the cross he made but when he smiled for the camera, he didn't move the cross.
We walked over to see Dan after the 2nd service and Jonah took off running full steam!! Marty and Debra were able to witness this and I think Debra may still be crying over it. :-) That little boy adores his daddy and it is evident for all who see them interact. He was so pleased to show Dan his tie because it was "just like daddy!"

Dusty and Heidi were taking an Easter picture together when Jonah decided he wanted to join them. Poor kid...somehow he thinks all cameras are meant for him?!?! But, truthfully, the color scheme they had going on actually seems like he belongs with them!!!

We attempted to get a family picture of us but Jonah wanted to play at this point. So, Heidi pulled out the bubbles. That made him grin and also made him very happy!

Before we left, we had to endure a theological debate between Dan and Dusty. :-) Dusty thought he should win since his Bible is bigger!
We were finally ready to head out the door but not before giving MeMaw a big hug. Jonah wanted to be sure Tim saw his tie.

We left church and headed to Liberty, MS. Dan's first church out of college was at Liberty Baptist Church. He was actually on staff there when we met in 1998. There was a family that adopted him during his 2 year time of serving there and they still remain very close to us today. They come to Vidalia just to see us (mainly Jonah) and call us all the time to check in and see how things are going. It was good to spend Easter with them because it was just like being with family.

Mr. T and Mrs. Judy have two daughters that were both in Dan's youth group when he was the youth minister. They are now married with kids of their own. Heather has two kiddos, Sam and Sarah. Jessica has a little boy named Brody is a few months younger than Jonah. Brody was outside with his Papaw when we drove up. Jonah ran to Mr. T and jumped his arms but Brody was not to happy with that. But, you will see they soon became fast friends!

Here is Dan with Jess and Heather. They are such precious girls and we have been so blessed to watch them grow from teenage girls to Godly women. Heather is a nurse practitioner and Jessica is an oncology nurse. They are fabulous wives and mommies! (Oh, and Heather is the one who taught Dan to shoot a basketball! I guess that is why he shoots like a girl!) Dan has said that people like Jess and Heather make ministry worthwhile. It is so nice to invest in the lives of someone and then see the fruits of that 10 years later!
We got home around 7 on Easter night and Jonah FINALLY got to see what that bunny left him! Poor Max...he wanted to see too!! But, instead of letting him watch, I used the bow from one of Jonah's things to 'decorate' Max. He loved it! (as you will see in the last picture!)

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Penny said...

The pictures are adorable! I love his outfit and his tie. Very big boy!


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