Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter Eggs!!!

(Sorry for the delay in posting Easter Pictures. But, here they are!)

What an incredible mess we made when dyeing Easter eggs this year but oh, how much fun we had! Dan had a wedding to perform that night, so while Jonah was napping, he got ready (except his shirt and coat) so he could have fun with us up until having to leave. (thus the wife beater he is wearing!)

After finishing the eggs, Dan changed Jonah's clothes while I hid the 18 freshly dyed eggs in the front yard. As I walked outside, Cliff and Beppa were walking by the house and decided to join in on the fun. They had a long night in the Emergency Room with Cliff feeling really bad so I think think this precious little boy was medicine for both of them. I love to see him make people smile. I've never seen a little boy who thinks his best friends are adults!!! When I was pregnant, I always prayed that we would teach Jonah how to be thankful, to genuinely love life and people and that he would bring joy to the lives of others. Days like this remind me that he does all of those things on a very regular basis!!
He came outside with a vengeance and started searching for eggs as if it were his life mission. But, my little obsessive child proved once again why we call him that. He gathered eggs according to color. He searched for all of the blue ones first. After he found those, he moved on to yellow.
While Jonah hunted for eggs, Max had a snack! We tossed this egg then banished Max to the back yard. He was so pitiful peeking through the little opening.

Dan, Beppa, Cliff and I were all over by the swing talking when Jonah instructed Cliff and Dan to go with him. And, that they did! And, before I get emails about why Jonah is dressed in shorts and sandals on a freezing cold day, he wasn't! The weather was actually very nice but Cliff is wearing gloves because one of his chemo drugs causes extreme cold sensitivity. So, in order for him to handle that, he has to be dressed very warm.

After Jonah found all of his eggs, he wanted Cliff to help him count them. Not Daddy, Mommy or Beppa...just Cliff!

Jonah decided he wanted to hide eggs for Dan and Cliff. So, we filled his basket and he took off. Only, he stopped not far from us and hid some there. I'm guessing a blind man could find Jonah's hidden eggs!

Then, as Cliff and Dan "frantically" searched for more eggs, Jonah would point to where they were hidden! I'm guessing he will never excel at Hide and Seek.

Jonah was very concerned about Max's well being in the back yard! He is nothing if not compassionate!

By the way, feel free to notice the head tilt in the last picture and MANY more I have posted on the blog. This is what we get when I ask for a big boy smile. Apparently, that means tilting your head. I have probably 50 pictures like this from the last few weeks. Who knows where that came from?

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Daniel & Denise said...

Poor Max! Our cat needs to come stay with Max and teach him how to escape...LOL! Clingy (our cat) was locked up after going literally nuts the first night we brought Anna home and I woke up the next morning when she pounced on our bed! She crawled under the bathroom door where she was locked up, its a miracle she didn't get stuck or break her ribs!!


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