Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Don't sit on our furniture!

I decided last Saturday to put big boy underwear on Jonah and set the time for 20 minute intervals. I took Jonah to the potty and then started getting ready for dinner at church that night. At 8 minutes before the next potty time, I hear him screaming. (very unusual!) As I run towards the den to check on him, the phone rang. I turn to the kitchen instead to answer the phone. As I say hello, I turn the corner into the green room to discover my ruined furniture!

Yep, he tee-teed all over my chair! The bad news was that my chair is soaked with urine. The good, no, great news is that he hated the feeling of being wet. He screamed, he cried, he begged to get those undies off of him. SO...I feel like that is progress of some sort.

I could not edit this video but I really wanted to because most of it is boring. The really funny part is the first ten seconds. I laugh out loud
every time I see it. Turn your volume up and start it. I promise you will laugh too!!!



Sugar's Mommy said...


Penny said...

Jonah is one of the funniest little people!
He is not alone on the potty training issue. My granddaughter turned 2 in December and refuses to go in the potty. She "accidentally" peed in it once. Both of her brothers were trained at two and rarely had accidents, even though I hear boys are harder. With all girls, I wouldn't know. Two of mine trained quickly, but at different ages. I was afraid the oldest would go off to kindergarten in diapers. She took 8 or 9 MONTHS to train. There were many puddles like Jonah's. =)

4 J's said...

I will tell you what I did...I put a shower curtain liner on my couch for Jordyn and she knew that was where she could sit. That was my biggest fear! Glad he is making progress!

{Louisiana.Bride} said...

haha too funny, poor Jonah is gonna have a rough time the first girl friend he has with all of your potential blackmail!

Jamie Moon said...

we always have towels handy in our house...for sitting on the sofa purposes!!!

Daniel & Denise said...

Not sure what type of fabric your furniture is made of but, but when Anna starting using the bathroom one day right before I could get a diaper on her I sprayed dreft on the spot and immediately used some towels to soak it all up and it didn't even leave a spot...I have light tan suede feeling furniture too!

Katie (and Tony) said...

He is too cute!

Avery's Mommy said...



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