Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Checking on the tile

Jonah was out of school the day after Easter so Dan stayed home with him. He has much more vacation time and sick time than I do so on days like that, he just works from home. He had a stack of files and books taller than Jonah to work on that day and I think he appreciated the change of scenery from the office. He said he got a lot more done.
But, because he was out of the office, he did not get to see the flooring progress made that day in the sanctuary. So, when I got home, we drove up there to take a look. That place is really starting to come together. It is crazy to think that this time next month we will be in the building!

We told Jonah he was standing over the place where a potty would be. He then proceeded to pretend to sit on a potty. Why oh why isn't using the potty that exciting at home?


Barb said...

I like the new look of your blog!

Anonymous said...

I Love the new look and the new Church addition.


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