Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Washing a truck!

There are many things that Jonah will not experience on a regular basis with us as his parents. We love our cars but we have never been huge fans of super clean cars. I mean, we like clean cars but we never take the extra time to actually wash them. Our friends Tim and Belinda are a different story. They wash their cars as often as we brush our teeth! So, when we walked down last week and saw Tim washing his truck, Jonah was very intrigued!!!

Tim let him help wash the truck. Jonah had a blast with the water hose and the suds. There was one door on the truck that got sprayed over and over and over. I'm surprised he didn't spray the paint right off of that door!

Thanks to Tim and Belinda, Jonah keeps asking me if he can wash our car! Oh dear! I'm gonna actually have to start cleaning my car so my little boy can help me!!!

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