Saturday, March 7, 2009

Pictuure Gallery at church

We have been working on a new portrait wall for our nursery at church. We started this several years ago and made poster size prints of about 8 kids. The idea was to rotate new pictures a couple of times a year. Well, those were great intentions but nothing ever came of it. The same pictures were still up 3 years later. So, last week, Cheryl took pictures during preschool Sunday School then I edited them and had them printed. A couple of the kids refused to smile so I checked my hard drive to see what I had. When all was said and done, we ended up with 20 pictures ranging from 5x7 up to 16x20. As kids come to Sunday School, we will add them into the mix. We left a big opening on the right side of the wall and then there are obvious holes all around to fill in. But, I think it looks great and it such a bright and welcoming look in our nursery foyer.

I'm posting this video of Jonah that was taken the night we framed all of the pictures and hung them on the wall. He loved seeing the pictures of all of his friends. He wanted to put the picture of Madison and Makayla in his room at home.

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Amanda said...

I guess Eli and Hannah will always be the same to him :) Way to go, Jonah, for knowing all your friends!


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