Monday, March 30, 2009

Our wonderful Weekend!!! (LOOOOONG POST!!!)

It is 10:00 p.m. on Sunday night and my house is quiet for the first time in a few days. I have heard non-stop giggles from two little boys since Friday afternoon and it has been simply wonderful.

I'd like to introduce you to the Wilson family...Scott, Cassie and Cooper! Scott and Dan have been friends for a really long time. But, due to Dan and Scott's call to ministry, we never get to see each other. We talked about it this weekend and realized we saw each other at our wedding in May of 99, then they came to Fort Worth to visit in early 2000, then we went to their wedding in late 2000 and I don't think we saw each other again until another wedding they were both in a few years ago. Sad, huh? As much as we all love ministry, it really takes a toll on friendships. Most people visit friends/family on the weekend and that just so happens to be the busiest time for church staff.

But, this weekend they made the trip to Vidalia to visit and to introduce our little boys to each other. Jonah was born on July 27, 2006 which happened to Cooper's due date. Little Cooper decided to take things slow and made his grand entrance on August 5, 200s which was Jonah's original due date. They are 2 years and 8 months old and finally got to meet. Oh, and what a meeting it was! This was the first picture of the two of them and you can tell they are already big buddies!

They played their little hearts out. It is hard to see Max, but he is on the bean bag trying to figure out the easiest way to escape the mayhem in that room!
I fully expected this to be a weekend full of "that's mine" and "he hit me" and screams and cries. It was so the opposite!!! They played together so well and interacted like kids well beyond 2 years old. Although, I did capture one shot of them fighting over a book in the bathtub!

Cooper seems amazed by something in that last picture and Jonah seems completely annoyed with the camera in the next one.

We all expected some big battle when it was bedtime. But, their little bodies were so worn out from running and playing that there was no issue at all. We got them out of the tub, dressed for bed and they were OUT!!!

Jonah had a hard time sleeping that night because he was afraid he was missing something out here. He woke up numerous times crying out for us. I think he just wanted to be sure we weren't having fun without him. He always wanted to know where Cooper was!

The next morning, Cooper was in the living room before him. When he walked in, he was a little timid about playing because he was somewhat concerned with Cooper playing with his Mickey Mouse Clubhouse racetrack. But, after about 10 seconds, he realized he was okay with it and joined in the fun.
We've been wanting to get a trampoline. Apparently we don't need one, our couch works just fine! I walked in the room and they were jumping after they had been told not to jump on the couch. Jonah looked at me and said "Cooper's jumping!" Yeah, buddy...I see that! Thanks for the alert and way to divert the attention from you!!!!
Somewhere around noon, Jonah left the room where we were all playing and I realized he didn't come back. I walked in the living room to find him laid out in his daddy's recliner just about asleep. He looked at me and said "I'm so tired, mommy!" HA! So, we grabbed lunch quickly!!

Doesn't he have the most beautiful eyes? I'm so used to pictures with a brown-eyed little boy that I can't believe how well they show up in all the pictures. Just beautiful!!
Jonah woke up from his nap first because he went to sleep about two hours before Cooper. He was so tired he just couldn't hang!! He was anxious for Cooper to get up to play. As soon as we heard Cooper stir the first time, Jonah ran to his door to "go get him!" When Cooper saw Jonah, he clapped. How sweet is that?

We wanted the boys to have something fun to do but since we live in Vidalia, the options are few and far between. We finally settled on bowling. As you can see, they were more than ready to go!

This picture of Dan makes me smile! I don't know what he was laughing at but it is a pretty good example of his face the whole weekend. He loved having his friend here and we laughed a lot!!!

Cooper loves his mommy and daddy and it is so obvious how much they love him. You can the joy on his face while he is playing with his mom at the bowling alley!

Scott and Dan are both laughing pretty hard in the next picture. That is because Jonah had just surpassed Cassie's score in bowling. Yep, Jonah beat Cooper's mommy! BUT, in her defense, that only happened because Jonah used the ball roller. But, it was still pretty funny to see the screen showing his score higher than hers. We won't talk about my score because I bowed out after 3 frames and let the boys take my turn. I wanted to take pictures!
Look how confident this little guy is walking back from his turn. I guess he knew he had clinched the contest between he and Cassie!
If you live anywhere near us, then you know about the awful weather we had late last week. Because of all the rain, the boys were stuck inside. And, that really stinks because we have a fun backyard. But, when we got home from the bowling alley, we decided to put them in warmer clothes, put their rubber boots on and let them play. As you can, Jonah was thrilled with this idea!

While the boys played in the yard, Dan grilled steaks. Jonah was very intrigued with this and would stop to watch him. Dan made him stand a good distance away because it was hot.

I said earlier that in a weekend with two little boys the same age that we fully expected lots of meltdowns and hard times. That so did not happen. But, Saturday afternoon, Jonah had a little issue with Max playing with his orange frisbee from Uncle Marty. As you can see, that landed him in time-out. This did not make him happy!

But, after just a minute, he was back up and playing. He attempted to mow the yard so Cooper checked to be sure there was plenty of oil and gas!
After lots of fun playing outside and then a yummy dinner, it was bathtime again. As you can see, this was a fun time for both boys.

I think the both realized bedtime was on the horizon so their energy level increased 10 fold! They ran laps around the house. At one point, Dan told Jonah to stop running for a second. Jonah looked at him, turned his head and took of running again. Then he told his daddy NO! Uh-oh! He ended up on the wall. This did not make him happy!!! (and, just so you know, "nose to the wall" is the best punishment ever for Jonah. It always corrects his behavior in seconds!!!"

Before we put Jonah and Cooper to bed, we wanted to take a couple of pictures of them in hopes of getting a good one. Well, they were in quite the posing mood and fully cooperated. How sweet are these??? (except for the ones with Max! He saw nothing sweet about this moment!!!)

The daddies joined in on photo session and I'm so glad they did. I look at these pictures and think back to times we spent with Scott and Cassie in the past. In those times, we thought we were having the time of our lives. Little did we know...THIS is the best yet! It is so sweet to see Scott and Dan who are lifelong friends with their little boys who are just days apart. I love it!
Cooper rode to church with us Sunday morning. Roy met us at the car like he usually does but Jonah quickly informed him he could walk today! Normally, Roy gets him out of his carseat and then takes him to the nursery. But, Jonah had serious business to take care of. He was on a mission to introduce Jonah to B! Look how sweet they are holding hands on the way to the nursery!

I left my camera with Kayla and she took pictures of them in Sunday School. Everyone told me that Jonah introduced them to his "best friend COOOOper!" and that he didn't play with anyone but Cooper during Sunday School or church!

After the service, we went to the sanctuary so Cassie could see. Scott and Dan went up the day before to look around. The boys had a LARGE time running and playing in there.
After lunch, Cooper and his daddy went outside to load their car. Cooper found two leaves on the ground and brought them back inside. He quickly found Jonah so he could share with him. Who knew two leaves could bring such joy?

Scott and Cassie had a five hour drive back home so they headed out around 2:00 p.m. But, not before a little more fun with the daddies and touching the ceiling.


Anonymous said...

Man that is sweet!!! They look like the best of friends and they have never met. Glad yall had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a great time for you all! The boys are so sweet and cute and had such fun. Glad I got to meet them and (oh yeah) change Cooper's diaper...LOL

Jami Ainsworth said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. Weekends like that are the best. I glanced at the photos and then came back to read later. I couldn't help but think how Max is a much better sport than Precious. [Before I read the text.] He seemed to tolerate that hug pretty good. Precious would probably be growling or give out a little snap, but she is much older. Maybe we should look into the doggie prozac too. I am sure she could use it too!

Anonymous said...

wow that was long

Anonymous said...

-oops- that was Melanie

Aunt Debra said...

Uncle Marty says there is nothing wrong with punishment - correcting bad behavior. This is a good thing; however, taking pictures of the immediate results is painful to "us". Uncle Marty says no more close ups, please.


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