Monday, March 30, 2009

Our medicated dog!

In February of 2003, I gave Dan a little, furry, black poodle named Max for his birthday. That little dog came to our home and lived a very pampered life. He never knew he was a dog because we never treated him that way. Then, in July of 2006, Jonah came to live at our house and that little, furry, black poodle had a serious meltdown. Life as he knew it was over and therefore, life as we knew it with him was over!!!

While we still love this little dog, he has become quite annoying. He barks incessantly and never seems to settle down. We took him to the vet a few months ago and he said we had two options. We could either start him on Prozac or do some behavior modification with him. We tried the second option first but had zero success.

Last Thursday, the barking was so bad that we just about lost our minds. He barked at every car that passed, every leaf that fell, every whisper that was within 2 blocks of us. It was bad! Dan put him in his lap, closed Max's mouth and had a serious discussion with him.

But, as soon as Max got down, the barking began again and the little hair we have began to fall out! Dan looked at me and said "I'm calling Dr. Gregg tomorrow!!!"

So, Friday, he went to the vet's office and picked up our first dose of Prozac for Max. Dan gave him 1/4 of the pill and within minutes we could tell a difference. He was so low key and quiet. He only barked when necessary and was not the least bit high strung. Scott, Cassie and Cooper arrived to a normal, sane and cooperative dog. Whew!

We haven't used it since Friday and don't plan to use it except on the days he seems to be out of control or when we are having company. I no longer feel the need to drop him off at the pound!!!


Avery's Mommy said...


Daniel & Denise said...

Poor Max, but hilarious! I wonder if cats can take it?!! Our cat goes nuts at 1:00 a.m. each day...she things our house is a race track and runs loops until she was cute the first few times but now its nerve wrecking!!!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Someone is picking Maddie up in the morning :(
I am sad but also relieved. I know she is going to a good home and he will give her the attention she needs and deserves. Bay sure is gonna miss her she likes to call her. NO idea where she got Nana from but Maddie is her Nana.

Anonymous said...

That cracks me up!!! Poor little max, I think Tobi knows how he feels! Diane

Sarah said...

How often do you walk Max?

cheryl & dave w. said...

oh my goodness! i am feeling the SAME WAY about my cat, chipper! he used to be so calm and quiet. but now that he is the only cat in the house, and doesn't get as much attention, he feels the need to meow (LOUDLY)ALL THE TIME!!!! there are some days i just want to let him outside and never let him back in.... shame on me, but OH MY GOODNESS!!! i feel bad because i haven't given him that attention, but let's see...he never had it before either because he was always hiding under our bed because of our other cat! =) i am glad you found a solution to help max fit in with your family again. who knew prozac would work?? =) i am hoping to find someway for chipper to do the same (he is such a good cat otherwise!!). =)


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