Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meeting new family

Earlier in the year, I had a couple of posts about Mia, my cousin's little baby girl. She was really sick and in the hospital. Well, Mia got much better and was able to fly to Jackson from Tampa, Florida last week so she could meet her family in Mississippi.

Jonah is usually very intrigued by babies and loves being around them. This time was very different. He totally ignored Mia and concentrated on a baby doll. He had a great time with that little baby doll. The pictures speak for themselves.

We convinced him to leave the baby in her buggy and come inside for dinner. But, before he made it to the table, he spotted my grandmothers desk with all of her pens and paper. He decided to stop and write for a little while.
One of my other cousins, Alexis came over with her 3 girls. Ceci and Michaela had so much fun with Jonah. It really makes me wish I lived close to them. They are such sweet girls and be so good to Jonah. I love seeing them interact with him. They even hid Easter eggs for him. He loved it.

I'm so glad we made the trip to meet Mia. It was a flying trip and quite exhausting but worth it to meet the newest member of our family. Dan didn't go with us because he had to go to Rayville to the funeral home. We drove 2 hours, stayed 2 hours then drove 2 hours home.

We aren't sure when we will see Brandy or Mia again. Jonah finally paid them a little attention as we were leaving. I changed him into his PJ's and told him to give everyone bye hugs.

My uncle told Jonah he was going to give him a knuckle sandwich. That totally threw Jonah for a loop. He had no idea what that meant. Hilarious!
Jonah sang his little heart out on the drive to Jackson. He toned it down quite a bit once the camera came out but you will still get the idea. AND, I've never actually tried to video while driving and not looking. So, forgive the shakiness.

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