Sunday, March 8, 2009


Last week, while Dan was at school, I was putting Jonah in the bed for the night when he looked at me and said "You wanna take my picture?" So, I went to get the camera and we documented what happens when he gets in the bed every night. This is AFTER prayers and story time.

The first thing he does is make sure Lammy is in his arms. Lammy is no longer a comfort item, Lammy is a necessity!!!

While I was taking his picture with Lammy, he told me to put Lammy on the floor and take Lammy's picture. So, I obliged him and reminded him to ask me and not tell me. I still don't think he gets that!!!
After Lammy is sufficiently photographed, we then began the layering process with blankets. Jonah currently has 4 blankets that must have at night. He has named them all. He instructs you with the order he wants them placed on top of him.

On this night, "ELMO" was first. It is obvious to see why this blanket is called Elmo. The next blanket is "TRACTOR!" This is the quilt that goes with his bedding set. He calls it tractor but there isn't a tractor anywhere on the blanket. Sailboat, yep. Car, yep. Truck, yep. Train, yep. Tractor, NOPE!
The third blanket placed that night was "MONKEY!" Once again, not a monkey in sight! BUT, in his defense, he got this blanket as a gift and the blanket was rolled up and a monkey was wrapped around it. So, we can understand why this is called monkey but the average person might be confused.
Diego is the fourth and final blanket. I'm not sure that Jonah has ever seen an episode or Diego but Debra brought him this blanket many months ago and he adores it. He actually calls it "a-go"

After all the blankets are placed, the bulldog pillow and the big bunny are put next to him. He doesn't lay on the pillow, he just wants it there. And trust me, if you miss one of these steps, he is sure to tell you. The kid loves a routine!! Sometimes, we throw him for a complete loop and switch everything out. Not because we are mean but because we don't want him to be so accustomed to things that if one of those items aren't there, he can't sleep!
Before we started the process of blankets, Jonah wanted me to "take my picture saying prayers!" So, I flipped the video mode on and captured a prayer. (Sort of!) He decided to ham it up rather than pray like he normally does. And, he pretty much left everyone out of this prayer except Cliff, Beppa and Sassy. But, rest assured, if he loves you, he prays for you. It is a precious thing to hear when he isn't being silly!

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Jami Ainsworth said...

I just scanned through this. I will read the rest later, but I just had to say something...

"it is time to introduce the child to Diego"...he really is cool! least, we think so.


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