Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cleaning and Playing

Dan had a meeting at our house Thursday night. So, when I got home from work, we started rushing around to get everything ready. Jonah wanted to help vacuum. Most of the time, I don't mind taking the time to let him help, but that night, there just wasn't enough time. But, after he said "Please, Mommy, Please" for the fifth time, I realized I could make time for just about anything.

We got everything cleaned up and the house was presentable just in time for the committee to get there. Dara brought Molly with her so Jonah thought it was his duty to entertain her.

I love watching him with other kids. He has such a gentle spirit about him and is so kind and considerate. (MOST of the time!!?!!) I love that he seems to have a compassionate heart at such an early age. I pray that remains!


Cristi said...

Cant wait for Avery to be big enough for this. Right now she HATES vacuum cleaners, or anything that makes noise, like say - Breathing treatment machines! LOL anyway, you won an award - check my blog.

Audra said...

He knows how to impress a woman: power tools & fishing gear! :)

NeNe said...

This is too funny - since he was so afraid of the vacuum cleaner a few months ago. Glad he helps around the house - He needs to come stay with us so he can teach Taylor!


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