Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Baseball season is here!

Unless you live here, you may not realize that we live right across the street from the recreation complex. The high school baseball field is in the backyard of our old house. That house happens to now belong to Cliff and Beppa and is next door to Tim and Belinda. So, rather than paying to get into the ballgames, we just walk down to their houses to watch the games from their yards. Dan had meetings that night so he wasn't home to play with us. So, I loaded Jonah up in his wagon and off we went!
We got to Tim & Belinda's house but they were not outside for the game. That was very unusual. It wasn't long until they heard a certain little boy and Tim came out to say hello. He played catch with Jonah for a little while. Jonah LOVED that. He has a little glove with a velcro patch and a ball that sticks to it. I found it last year at Gymboree and he loves it. It is perfect for his age.

We walked out to the fence so we could get a better look at the game. We stood there for just a minute and he yelled "hey boy, you see MY ball?" Unfortunately, the "boy" never looked at him. Thankfully, he is still to young to notice because I'm afraid the day is coming that his heart would have been hurt by being ignored!

He played ball with B after she came out. He wanted everyone to throw the ball and catch it. Well, until he had the chance to walk Sassy with Beppa.
There are certain things about being a mom that I just adore! One of those things is when I ask Jonah to do something and he does it with all of his might. I told him to run to the tree and back and he took off. His little eyes just twinkled as he ran and stared at me.

This next picture made me laugh. It looked more like a bowling stance than a pitching stance. (Maybe he is gonna take after his daddy after all! ha)

Sue looks like she enjoyed the game, huh? I didn't really think it was cold out there but she was freezing. She also looks asleep. Maybe we were boring her!
I love fun afternoons like this with my little boy. Big events and trips are fun but there is nothing like walking outside and sharing an evening of giggles, baseball, wagon rides and sheer joy with this little gift from God!

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