Sunday, February 1, 2009


If you know Dan very well, you know that he has a genuine love for soccer. He started playing when he was 8 years old and played through college. He started refereeing during his days at MSU. It was a great way to make some extra cash while doing something he loved. Well, after we got married, life got busy, he didn't referee for a while and then his certification expired. When we started the adoption process and needed to raise some serious cash, soccer was Dan's first option.

For the last several years, October to February is filled with high school soccer games from McComb to Meadville to Natchez. Dan gets several offers but doesn't always get to do the games due to church obligations. This year his schedule has worked out to do lots of games. He has loved it. I have always wanted to take Jonah to watch but the weather has never been good enough or the game has been too far from home.

Saturday, Dan was getting ready to leave for a playoff game over at Cathedral High School. While he was getting ready, I stepped outside for something and realized how GREAT the weather was. I realized that it would be a great game to take Jonah. Dan asked him if he wanted to go play soccer. He wanted to wear his soccer shoes. It was so sweet to see both of them wearing their Adidas soccer shoes. We got to the field early enough to go up in the press box and then down on the field while the players were warming up.
We did not factor in the meltdown that would happen when Jonah realized he would not being playing soccer the entire time we were there! When Dan told him he had to go sit with Mommy it was not a pretty picture.

If you have ever been to Cathedral's stadium, you are aware of the huge hill next to the stands. Jonah loved it! He went up and down that hill. He wore himself out!!! He even stopped an picked flowers for his mommy! (Gah...LOVE that little boy!!!)
I still had my zoom lens on my SLR from the steeple event the day before. So, I got GREAT pictures from the game. I was on the very last row at the top of the bleachers for these pictures. It looks like I am on the field with the players. GREAT shots!

Please notice the grass stains on Jonah's jeans. I'm almost positive those are his first grass stains. He is all boy now!!! (and, from the way he played, I should invest in Spray & Wash!)

He played and ran so much that his little legs could not hold him up anymore. I asked if he wanted to sit in the car for a little while. He quickly said yes. It did not take long for him to go to sleep!! I was parked on the hill overlooking the stadium so I stood next to the car and watched the game. I also had to endure people occasionally talking bad about the referee. Man, I hate that! I don't understand enough about soccer to know if Dan made good calls or bad calls but I do know that he is my husband and I HATED hearing bad things said about him.
Fortunately for me, Dan's mom is a season soccer mom and she got there right after the first half. She was coming in town to visit for the weekend and when she heard Dan was going to be on the soccer field, she did not want to miss it. So, she drove in and came straight to the field. She was able to talk me through some of the plays and help me understand why he made certain calls. I was especially glad she was there when the game was tied at the end of regulation and then they played 2 10 minute overtimes and 2 5 minute overtimes. The game was finally decided on Penalty Kicks. Cathedral ended up winning 4-0!! It was a LONG game.

Jonah woke up at the very end and was able to see the excitement. He didn't get to see Dan until we got home because we were in separate cars. I wasn't sure how long Jonah would last at the game so I took my car. AND, because Dan was the center referee, tempers sometime get out of control towards him so he gets out of there ASAP. Jonah never fully understood where he went? It was a fun day and beautiful weather!!!


Jami Ainsworth said...

I love the image of their feet and his dirty bottom, of course! Yes, I should have purchased stock in Tide and Spray-n-Wash a long time ago!

Katie (and Tony) said...

Tony is a HUGE soccer fan as well! He played as a young boy, in HS, college and refereed. He will even get up in the middle of the night to watch games. He's a sick man, I know! We had tickets to go to the 2006 World Cup games in Germany. However, something better came along-Russia called for trip 2 to go get Jack. Sounds like Dan and Tony would hit it off!


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