Wednesday, February 18, 2009

School Valentine Party

Jonah's had a valentine party at preschool last Friday. As I walked in the door, I saw his class filing into the directors office. That was somewhat odd because I have never seen them in there before. His teacher told me they were going in to sing "Will You Be My Valentine?" to Mrs. Tan. She started her new job last Monday and they called to sing to her at work. How very sweet!

After they sang to her, they went back to the room to hand out their valentines. It was so sweet to see them so methodical about going from person to person to give their goodies away.

It appears Jonah is taking something from Logan in the next picture. I asked Logan if Jonah took something from him and Logan told me he took is cat. Considering there was no cat in sight, I'm not sure what was actually taken.
Jonah took treat bags for all of his friends then also took things of valentines. He loved giving them to each of his friends. At one point, he looked at a friend and said "You forgot to say thank you!"

Dan was quite the hit with all the kiddos. I love it when he can come to something because kids just flock to him. He gets down on their level and really listens to them. He is such a great daddy!

Jonah was too interested in his CapriSun to actually look at the camera for a picture. But, at least he appears to be smiling! What a fun day we had with our favorite two year old!!!


Jami Ainsworth said...

Thanks for the comment about my list. I love to read others list too!

I really do think you and Dan are awesome. I am not just sucking up. I have even used you as an example to Cari about being cool now in high school verses being cool the rest of your life. Does that make sense?

I know one of you posts was about what a dork you were in high school (okay--me too). I don't think Cari is, but she's not going to compromise her values to be cool...for that I am more proud than words can express! I mentioned how cool you are and what a leader you are now! I mean look how many people have started blogging from your example. She said responded with yeah high school is only four years of your life...gee I wished I had been that mature when I was in high school!

Thanks to you and Dan in all you do following God's plan and being leaders to so many of us!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Okay...I wanted to comment earlier on the comment you left me, but I left it here because I knew you would read it here. I just read this. My favorite was Jonah reminding his friends to say thank you...that sounds so much like Natalie. If she has to do things does everyone else.'s only fair, huh?


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