Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ms. Tan :-(

Last Thursday was a very sad day for our family! We had to tell Jonah's teacher goodbye! She has been at Jefferson Street for 14 years and is FABULOUS!!! She is taking a secretary position at First Baptist Church, Natchez. I am so glad it is a good job for her but we will miss her so much!

In honor of her years of service to so many kiddos, the preschool had a goodbye breakfast for her. Jonah's class stayed in the gym the entire time of the party. I was there (with camera in tow!) along with several other moms who love Ms. Tan.

As soon as the kids realized it was time to eat, they flocked to the tables. Jonah wanted only fruit. No muffins, no donuts, no quiche, no pigs in the blanket. JUST FRUIT!

I think when you have a child, you limit them to what you THINK they are capable of rather than what they are actually capable of. When they handed those 2 year olds cups of juice with no tops, I was prepared for a disaster. Instead, I watched as my little guy did exactly what the others did. He held it with both hands and didn't spill a drop. Just another reminder that he is growing up!

Our class went together and gave Ms. Tan and gift card to Belk for $220. She was very surprised and so thankful! It was fun to watch her open that and see the surprise on her face.

Ms. Alisa (Jonah's other teacher) gave her the sweetest, most thoughtful gift ever. It made ALL of us cry! Ms. Tan has always been so focused on the kids. When they walk in the room, she kneels down on their level and hugs them. It doesn't matter what she is doing, she always hugs them. Apparently, she steals hugs all throughout the day. Well, when she announced her resignation, she said she was really going to miss those hugs the most! Alisa took a picture of every child holding out their arms like they were walking towards her to hug her. She put them in a photo album with a sweet, sweet poem.

We are so very sad to see Ms. Tan leave us. She is certainly a legend at Jefferson Street. I'm feel so fortunate that Jonah was under her influence for the last 5 months. We are all better people for knowing her!

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