Thursday, February 12, 2009

John Walker's Birthday Party

Last Saturday, our family loaded up and headed to John Walker's birthday party at Grace Methodist church. I wish I had known it was a John Deere theme because my little guy has plenty of John Deere attire as of late!!! The first picture is of John Walker and Marlee Kate. It made me laugh because he hugged her like he was so happy to see her. So sweet!

Dan was the lucky dad to ride on the hayride with the first group of kiddos. Jonah kept saying "That's my daddy, that's my daddy!" I guess he wanted to settle that before any issue arose as to who Dan belonged to.

We got to experience Jonah eating a hot dog. For most parents, that isn't a huge deal. For the parents of a picky eater, it was a welcomed sight!!! He didn't touch the corn on the cob. Oh well, you can't win them all!!!

Noah, on the other hand, LOVED the corn. I think he may have eaten two of them. Jonah would have gladly passed his along to Noah.
Here is the birthday boy mid-blow! He blew those candles out like a champ!! He seemed to really enjoy his big day with all of this friends there.

Sinnott and Marlee Kate are both so used to seeing me with a camera that they just smile when they see me. EVEN if I am not holding a camera. I guess I have a reputation around there as to being the crazy camera lady! :-)

From the looks of Hayden's green lips, he enjoyed his cake. At one point, we noticed Jonah leaned over to Hayden's chocolate ice cream getting a bite. I guess he wasn't pleased with his vanilla!!

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Barb said...

That last picture looks like Jonah's practicing for his senior portraits. Thankfully he has a little while before that's needed.


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