Thursday, February 26, 2009

A fun afternoon with my boy!

Jonah looks like the typical American driver, riding down the road with a cell phone up to his ear. I hate to allow him bad habits at such an early age but it was a very important call...DADDY! Dan is in class at NOBTS so we take every chance we can to talk to him during his free time. He happened to call while we were cruising down North Oak Street.

If you remember, Jonah got this TOT ROD for his first birthday. He has gotten tons of use out of it but is slowly outgrowing it. Someone suggested we put it on Craigslist or in the Classifieds and then use that money to upgrade to another motorized vehicle for him. We live in a great neighborhood that allows him to get tons of use out of things like this. I'm going to start scoping out the next step. I saw a cool red mustang at Walmart. They also had a big John Deere tractor. Stay tuned for our final choice.
Jonah drove his car all the way to the VLE playground. It was such a beautiful day that I wanted him to have as much time outside as possible. The playground was almost empty. He had so much fun running and jumping.

While we were at the playground, we saw Julia stroll by with her mom and Rita. I called Katie's cell to see if she wanted to leave Julia with us at the playground. Those two have so much fun together and she is never any trouble. Everyone at Jefferson Street assumes they are brother and sister. Their names have that certain ring!

When it was time to head back home, I encouraged Jonah to let Julia drive his car. I was so surprised when he asked her if she wanted to drive!! Teaching a 2 year old to be selfless and kind is tough!! It takes consistency but we are finally beginning to see some progress. He even helped her put her seat belt on.

After we made the turn on to Oak Street, Julia decided she wanted to push Jonah. Apparently, it was more fun to push than drive. We must have stopped 15 times in a stretch of road that is less than a tenth of a mile so they could switch places.

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Cristi said...

Hey how much are you selling that thing for? I might want it for Avery.


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