Sunday, January 25, 2009

Polka Dots

A friend from my youth group days has started a group on Facebook for us all to reconnect. Everyone is pulling out old pictures from the eighties and early nineties to upload to that group. Last night, I pulled out my big box of pictures and started taking pictures of the pictures so I could upload some. Yes, I know that is what a scanner is for but that would take too much time.
Jonah came in the room and kept smiling at me and saying "take my picture." So, I obliged. I mean, how could you not with a cute kiddo like this smiling at you?? He was in a smiling mood for sure!
If you notice the two mosquito bites on his cheeks, you will be interested to know that Jonah calls those his polka dots. He saw them in the mirror and said "you see my red polka dots?"


Barb said...

i love that grin! we definitely need to figure out a way to get together soon so i can meet Jonah. wanna take a road trip to fort worth?

cheryl & dave w. said...

how interesting that the bites were in almost identical places on his cheeks! such a CUTIE!! =)

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

Y'all are already having mosquito problems?!


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