Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Eve

We spent New Years Eve at the Welch (Memaw) house for a Peach Bowl Party. We were the only non-LSU fans there but Jonah and Dan dressed the part in support of the tigers. We didn't want to get turned away from the food so we will wear almost any color in order to avoid that.

Since it was the Chickfila Peach Bowl, we all brought food that used chicken or peaches. I found a peach cobbler recipe that was super easy and then found a Paula Deen recipe for bacon chicken bites. Those were incredible. It took a while to make but the end result was well worth it. AND, I looked very domestic walking in with two HOMEMADE dishes.
We attempted to get pictures of both boys next to the food table. Jonah could not take his eyes off the TV in the next room and Eli wouldn't wake up long enough to look at the camera. Although, he does appear to be smiling. We then attempted one of them together but that didn't work either.

Jonah was completely fascinated with the ice bucket all night long. We had to constantly tell him to leave it alone. Who knows what people actually put in their cups???
Jonah's new found obsession with cameras was exhibited most of the night. He touched almost every camera there and took his turn taking pictures. He loves pictures...especially the ones he takes.

We were all standing around watching Jonah when I noticed Dan by the door. He was holding all the fireworks and looked like a little kid waiting on all the adults to go outside with him.
Since Jonah has a new fear of fireworks, we stayed inside and watched from the window. That was fine by me because that way I didn't have to get cold. Oh the perks of having a kid!

Tammy was encouraging Jonah to look out the window and not be afraid. You can see how timid he was...and you can see how excited Tammy was.
I love the next picture so much. It is such an actual representation of Jonah at this stage of life. He was so afraid of the fireworks but Belinda convinced him to go outside. He kept covering his face with his hand. LOVE IT! I don't guess he realized that covering his face does not make the sound disappear.
Jonah convinced MeMaw to color with him for a while. He has a way of doing that. He decides what he wants to do and pretty soon he has an adult doing it with him. He is a great motivator.

After coloring for a while, they moved to the recliner to look at the book of Jonah and Memaw on the farm. I made that photo book after Jonah took his first trip to the farm. I made a copy for Tim and a copy for us. Jonah loves to look at it.
He moved from Memaw's lap to B's lap to look at the book. He found the picture of me with dirty hands and kept telling B my hands were dirty. He has mentioned that several times since then. He will say "Mommy, your hands dirty on Memaw's truck?"


Cristi said...

You should post the chicken bite recipe. I have a recipe but I dont think they are the same cause mine doesnt take that long. But maybe it is. Mine is fantastic! Let me know yours.

Cristi said...

I wondered if it was mine, but how did you know it was mine, did I post about it????????


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