Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cute pictures...low self esteem

When Jonah was a baby, I saw some really cute things at Pottery Barn Kids. One of my favorite things was a sweater set (pants and shirt) that was cashmere. It was well over $100 so I (obviously) did not buy it. I really wanted it for his Christmas pictures.
Well, almost a year later, I spotted the same outfit on clearance for $19.99. I jumped on it. The only problem was that they only size left was 3T. I ordered it and it has been hanging in Jonah's closet for well over a year.
Saturday, I was dressing him for a reception when I saw it hanging there. I decided to just try it on him. The pants were WAY too long but the shirt fit great. So, I pulled out his dark khaki corduroy pants and put those on him. He looked precious! We even stopped in the hallway to take a few pictures before heading out. He looked at me once and said "I so cute!" (Little did he know that confidence would soon be smashed in the ground!!!)
Well, we got to the church and a certain "friend" of ours immediately asked about Jonah's shirt. (In that moment, I was really glad the pants didn't fit or he would have been wearing those also!) You see, this shirt has buttons down the back and that apparently made my sweet, precious child the target of jokes! (Yes, jokes from a grown man...picking on a 2 year old!!!!!)
As the reception progressed, my "friend" made sure to point out every individual who commented on his clothes or asked why he was wearing his shirt backwards. When I told him I got it at Pottery Barn, my "friend" informed everyone that Pottery Barn should stick to Pottery...not clothes!
So, in the sweet picture above, you see my little boy hugging his dog goodbye while "wearing his shirt backward!" We are seeking out therapy for him because his self esteem was damaged from all the comments.

So, what do you think? Love it, hate it, would never let my boy wear it, who needs friends like that, (HA) or Pottery Barn should stick to pottery? Come on, comment and let me know! ;-)


Anonymous said...

I think the shirt is precious. Someone just did not know good fashion (or what pottery barn sells...as I have never seen actual pottery in there)! Tell Jonah when you have good fashion, people will always be jealous! :-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hope, your "friend" sounds a little jealous. He looks soooooo incredible cute. I love the shirt, what a sweet little man!! Diane

Steve from San Francisco said...

that shirt is sooooo presh! I bought Adam one for Christmas and he loves it!

Barb said...

the shirt is really cute, especially from the front. the buttons down the back are a bit unusual, but not enough for him not to wear it. maybe he'll start a new trend... next year at christmas you'll see that same friend wearing a shirt with buttons down the back. :)

Anonymous said...

does not sound like a real friend if he makes fun of your child...

just sayin'

Katie (and Tony) said...

From someone who has a 4 yr old...who only fits in 9 mo waist and 24 mo pants....I say go for it! They are only young once and you can only get away with it for so long. I get made fun of too for dressing Jack too cutesy....You try dressing a 4 yr old in 9-24 mo old clothes and see what you get-ha! Jonah looks precious-as always!

Anonymous said...

i love it! buttons are buttons, front or back, it's cute regardless! he looks precious!

Anonymous said...

Big Dude is precious to what ever he has on, that man is wrong!


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