Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas with the Wilson Family

Josh, Amanda and Eli came over Christmas night so we could do Christmas with them and so the guys could play Guitar Hero...again!! Eli slept through most of the night. That did not stop Jonah from attempting to play with him.

We gave Eli a couple of the superhero onesies from The Gap and a birthday book to record birthday memories. Eli's mommy is just like I am where memories of her little boy are concerned. They will never have to wonder what happened at any stage of their life!!! Obsessive, much? Yeah, probably!! :-)

Jonah always wants to help Manna do everything with Eli. Whether it is changing his diaper or feeding him, Jonah is right under her. I'm sure he thinks Manna is his second mommy. She has been around for so much of his life and he adores her. I love that he has special people in his life that he loves so much and that love him.

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Amanda said...

I'm so glad our boys got to do Christmas together. It makes me smile that my 2 favorite boys get to share special times like this. We're glad you guys are in our lives!


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