Sunday, January 4, 2009

Big Boy "Unnawears"

Jonah had a very exciting day today. He woke up from his nap dry so I asked if he needed to potty. He said "Yes Sir!" (We have been working on Sir and Mam but he picked up sir so we just go with that for now. We'll differentiate male and female later!) So, we went to the potty and he used it. I asked if he wanted to wear big boy underwear. (The answer is ALWAYS an emphatic NO!) He smiled and said "Yes Sir!" So, I let him pick out which ones he wanted to wear. He chose Mickey Mouse and went on his merry way! I did a little jig on the inside! PROGRESS!!!

The above picture is what happens every time someone asks him what he is wearing. I am hoping this is a habit he breaks before first grade. Otherwise, we will have completely different problems to deal with. But, for now, I love to see him drop the pants to show the big boy "unnawears!"

I was snapping pictures of him and he said "I want a picture of me with you, Mommy. Okay?" So, we flipped the camera around and snapped this one. I love how he is smiling and looks so innocent. What a precious little boy!!


Jamie Moon said...

yay for unnawares! we bought some ariel unnawares today that olivia keeps calling socks...will be interesting!

Barb said...

You know, reading the previous comment gave me an idea. given Jonah's obsession with the disney princesses, he might want to wear them more often if you got him some with Belle or Ariel on them. hee hee! just kidding... way to go, Jonah!!!

4 J's said...

So, how long did Mickey stay dry? Way to go Jonah for wearing unnawares!

Katie (and Tony) said...

I want to hear Jonah say Unnawears. Can you post a clip, pretty please?


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