Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Way back WHENsday

I could not decide which of these 5 pictures to post so I posted them all. They all came from posts on December 31 of the previous two years. The first one is of Jonah dressed and ready for the Liberty Bowl Parade in Memphis last year. He was all fired up and loving that cow bell.

We spend the weekend with Rob and Melanie and this next picture was right before we told them goodbye. We were all at the Wolfchase Galleria in Memphis and sad to tell them bye. That was the end of our annual New Years weekend. (except it isn't annual anymore because they will be in Dallas this year for the Cotton Bowl!)

The next three pictures are from 2006. Jonah was just a little over 5 months old. Rob and Melanie were here for the weekend. Jonah fell in love with them. He and Rob had an immediate bond. Rob used to be our favorite blog commenter but he ignores us now. And, they got a Wii today so we may never hear from the again!

The last picture is probably our most favorite EVER of Jonah. We have tons of good ones but this one seemed to make its way to many computer desktops and lots of picture frames. It seemed to be one that everyone liked. Well, everyone except my boss. He hated the crooked hat!

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Regina and David said...

That is a beautiful picture of Jonah. He has grown so much.


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