Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tuesday fun!

Jonah had fun opening his gift from The Welch Family. I was at work when they stopped by but Dan was thoughtful enough to grab the camera so I could be part of the excitement. He loved his blanket with the "Memaw Tractor" on it.
He drank his afternoon milk out of his new Tigger cup from Mrs. Cheryl and Hayden. She dropped it by and he immediately opened it. Dan had to wash it so he could drink out of it.
Tuesday night, Josh and Amanda offered to keep Jonah so Dan & I could go to dinner for my birthday. But, since I had been away from Jonah all day at work, I really wanted him to go with us. So, we asked Josh and Amanda to join us for dinner at Lil Dagos. Jonah had a great time with the utensils and fruit snacks.

Amanda took a picture of our little family for my birthday. It took a few tries to get Jonah to look at the camera but he still did not smile. Oh well!

Here are our good friends, Josh and Amanda. We are blessed to have them in our lives. When we first came to Vidalia, there were hardly any young couples in our church. We have lots of young couples now and feel so blessed to have people here to share our lives with.
Jonah decided he wanted to take some pictures. I had to include them. We have a little work to do with him.

P.S. I took the last one. It is blurry but such a great depiction of Josh!

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Amanda said...

Jonah's pics are kind of abstract looking. Maybe you have a future award winning photographer on your hands :) Love the picture of Josh!


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