Tuesday, December 16, 2008

She's gone!

My friend Karin has gone to be with Jesus! My heart is sad but I can only imagine what a wonderful time she is having this very moment!

Please pray for her husband Steve. They were to celebrate ten years of marriage in May of 2009. She leaves behind wonderful parents who have dropped everything to care for Karin and her family. They live in Canada.

Her brother Greg, his wife Cathi and their kids live in Texas.

Last, but certainly not least, her precious kids are left without a mommy! Kevin is 4 and Kien and Aria turned 1 in June. Kien came home from Vietnam in June and Aria came home about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

This is from Steve's last post on the blog....

God is Good! My Love, my Princess, has gone to her etternal palace!!! :-)

I shed many tears in the last 3 months, but at the moment of her passing I have only joy!
Though we will miss her greatly here, at this moment I can think only of her and the joy she is being freed to - perfection and joy - the world she always tried to make reality here on earth!! :-)
No more pain, only joy. God is Good!! She's finally with Him!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))

After recording every day of our kids lives on blogs, after all the joy and encouragement she has given and received online, it is so very fitting to record the end of her physical life here. :-)

Our life together has been a wondous love story, a great adventure, with many joys and many struggles - great expectations, great disappointments, and great joys! True life!!! Well lived!!

I wish I could go with her now, but I must first finish the work we started together.
The adventure continues - a new chapter begins.
Glory to God.


Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

Nikki I can't help but sit here and cry as I read this news. Even though my heart is sad, I think I cry because of the great faith this husband father possesses. I cry for the beautiful attitude he keeps even though his "princess" has gone home to be with her King. What a testament to their love and their faith!

Jami Ainsworth said...

Nikki, this breaks my heart and encourages it all at the same time. I am sorry for your loss of this great friend.

Daniel & Denise said...

I am still in shock over it all! I have been following her blog since before they adopted Kien. I looked forward to her blogs each day and then I couldn't believe when I read that she had cancer. I didn't know her the way that you did but she did seem like an awesome lady! My heart goes out to Steve and the kids!!


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