Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Santa enlisted Dan to help with Jonah's 3 gifts this year. He was very busy and did not have time to put everything together. So, Dan stepped in and helped the big guy out. When all the batteries were installed and the toys were left by the tree, I snapped a picture. I don't know if you remember about the Pottery Barn Santa bag from last year but it was a huge "discussion" in our house. I wanted to put all of Jonah's gifts in there. Dan wanted all of the gifts to be out. I let him win this year. BUT, I still wanted to use my Santa bag. So, I stuffed it with pillows and put it beside the gifts for effect!! See, the best of both worlds!

Before Jonah went to bed, we put all of the Little People in their correct place and talked about them and their significance to the Christmas story. I thought he was really 'getting it' until he said to put baby Jesus in the donkey cart so the cows can eat him. Oh well, I guess we have another year to work on that!!

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Cristi said...

I am with you on that one. How exciting would it be to find out that there was something in that bag for him. Then the wonder of opening it up to see what it was. Ooooohh - Next year!


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