Monday, December 8, 2008

On our way to see Mickey!!!

Gavin and Jonah loved looking out the elevator window. It was so funny to watch them on there each time. In these pictures, it looks like Gavin is taller than Jonah but they are pretty much the exact size. Gavin is much lighter than Jonah though. Jonah is SOLID!! That kid is a chunk! He weighed 35 pounds at his last visit and Gavin hasn't hit 30 yet.

We left the hotel and went to dinner at Picadilly. We passed it on our way to the River Center and turned around and went back because we knew that would be something quick to eat. The kids loved it. (We did too!) Jonah ate better there than he has in forever! Vidalia needs a Picadilly!

They were both quite impressed with the crane. Gavin promptly asked for twenty dollars! That was hilarious!

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