Saturday, December 20, 2008


I was SO late ordering Christmas cards this year. They arrived late Wednesday night so I (along with the help of Cecelia Williams, Dan and Jonah) spent Wednesday night and Thursday stuffing and addressing them. We did 400 but were short by 43! So, I had to order more but they won't be in until Christmas Eve. It looks like some will go out late. That is SO NOT me!!

I sorted them Thursday night so I could take them to the post office before bed. Dan was in Jonah's room playing with him so I took the stamp in and asked him to do the return addresses. Jonah stopped playing and wanted to help. Oh, please notice Jonah's attire. I had to dig these clothes out of the summer storage bin because it was so HOT outside. Nothing like 76 degree weather in December!!


Laura said...

Wow!! That's alot of Christmas cards!!

Barb said...

400 wasn't enough?! That's crazy!


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