Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday night after Playhouse DIsney

****I apologize in advance for the quality of these images. Since Playhouse Disney LIVE was in a dark theater, I had my camera on a setting that would capture would great photos in darkness. Those pictures turned out great. I forgot to change the setting back when we got outside and you will see the result of that. SORRY!****

Baton Rouge was having a big event downtown in the River Center Plaza. There were lots of people and lots of activities going on. If we had known, we would have dressed the boys in a way that we could have stayed outside for a while with them. But, since we didn't know, we headed straight to the car. But, only after we took a couple of pictures by the big waterfall.
Jonah really wanted to stay and play but did not do that therefore he had a meltdown. It was well past his bedtime at this point so we knew it was more about sleepiness than misbehaving. So, we just kept moving towards the car in spite of his tears. We try to never discipline him when it is our fault that he is in a bad mood. He is used to being in bed no later than 8 p.m. so we could not blame him that he was cranky when things didn't go his way.

Once he got a little rest in the car, he was all smiles again as we got to the hotel. He stopped to checkout the water fountains again.
He and Gavin were quite impressed with the view from the elevator. That was almost as much fun as seeing Mickey Mouse and Handy Manny.
As soon as the elevator doors opened, they took off! They were in full play mode by this point. Had it not been a hotel where people were sleeping, I would have let them run up and down the halls to their hearts content. But, I had to reign Jonah in as to not bother other hotel guests.
I averted a potential meltdown my giving him the room key and telling him to open our door. That made him very happy. He loves having a job and does his best to complete the task before him. Even when he is a little too short!

There was a problem with our room key so Dan ran downstairs to get another one. There was no possibility of averting the meltdown of Daddy leaving. It was9:30 p.m. and completely inevitable.
I took his sweater off and that seemed to make him happy. Then I told him to see if he could find another key in his diaper bag. There was no key but it certainly kept him busy. (Not a lie...I didn't tell his there WAS a key, I just told him to see if he could find one!) I will leave you with last picture of the night. And, please remember. Just say NO to crack!


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