Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party and Art Projects

Friday was the last day of Preschool before the Christmas break. Julia and Jonah were all decked out in the Christmas clothes for their big parties at school. Jonah picked up my camera and said "Take a picture, mommy!" Um...note to self: When your 2 year old hands you your camera and tells you to take a picture of him, then you probably take WAY too many pictures!
So, I gladly obliged my precious little boy and snapped away. This one of Julia is so precious to me! Isn't she beautiful?

When I arrived at Jonah's school to put his gifts for his friends out, there were already lots of gifts waiting for the kids. It was so fun and festive. The kids were mostly impressed with the balloons. They love them!!
I went back at 10:30 for his class party. The kids flocked to the door to see if their parent was there. Not all parents can be there for the parties and that makes me so grateful that I can be. I try to take lots of pictures to give to the parents who can't make it. (I took almost 400 Friday then burned them to CD's for parents who weren't there!) I love having a job with flexibility that allows me to be a part of Jonah's day.
Jonah could hardly wait to show me the Christmas tree he made. Unfortunately, as he was showing it to me, a little boy grabbed it from him then pushed him down. All under my watchful eye!!! The Momma Hen in me got my feathers all ruffled but I didn't react. I calmly helped Jonah get up then get his paper back from the little boy. This child isn't in his class usually. He is in the Tuesday/Thursday class but came Friday since there was a party. It broke my heart to see Jonah so upset. All he wanted to do was show his mommy his Christmas tree. (I blurred the face of the child so I would not incriminate him!)

Isn't that a sad face? It hurts my heart every time I look at it. His little heart was broken! Poor guy!! But, you can look at the next picture to see that he was okay very quickly!
Their teachers made them candy choo-choo trains. So very cute!
The party had several stations set up so they could do a hands on activity. Jonah enjoyed using the glue stick for this one. He glued both sides of his pictures!

The finished project! This was supposed to be their wish list for Santa. What a cute idea for 2 year olds since they can't write!
Jonah moved from there to the ornament station. He got to put glitter on a snowflake. He was very intent during this project!

Marlie was done with her snowflake so she sat by Jonah and watched him make his. This is the face she made when she saw me with the camera. How cute is this??
Mrs. Angie helped Jonah decorate his Christmas Tree cookie. I'm not sure if the cookie got more icing than his mouth. He would spread a little then eat a little. The kid loves icing!!

Here is Jonah with Mrs. Alisa. He absolutely loves his teachers. When he is getting dressed in the morning for preschool, he says "I go see Miss Tan and Miss Lisa!" He always runs to them with great excitement! We are really going to miss them over the next few weeks.
After making their projects, they performed a few songs for us. Jonah and Sinnott sat beside each other and stared at me. Neither smiled so I didn't realize I was supposed to take a picture. Sinnott said "cheese" so I felt like that was my cue!

Snack time was obviously a huge hit. Those poor kids were so hyped up on sugar!! Isn't that what party days are for??

Jonah was eating his snack when he spotted his daddy come through the door. He was THRILLED to see him.

Marlie saw Dan and grabbed her balloon to show him. Then, the three of them played with the balloon for a while.

Mrs. Tan commented on how Dan and I wore Green and Red to be matchy and festive. That, of course, goobed Dan out. If he could have changed clothes, he would have!
After Jonah's party, we walked over to the one year old class room to make sure Julia had been picked up. Her mommy was at the doctor so we had to double check before we left. She was gone already but we got to see Mrs. Audley. She was Jonah's teacher last year and we love her!
I'll end this post with some of Jonah's projects from last week. My absolutely most favorite thing so far is the wall hanging he made with his hand prints and finger prints. I can only imagine the mess those kids make while doing these projects so it means that much more that their teachers take the time to make it happen!


Avery's Mommy said...

I think I need to start taking lessons from you right now on how to 'not react'. I think I would've pinched that little kid! Oh, but I can just hear it now... "Did you hear about that preachers wife pinching that poor little boy???" Yeah, you did the right thing!

Andrew, Audra & Drew said...

1. His face was PITIFUL! I mean it made me get puppy eyes for him! Good job holding your temper in and not shoving that kid into the ground.

2. I love that you blurred his face out! HA!

3. What wonderful teachers Jonah has! I cannot imagine making all those messy crafts with so many kids! Teachers are some really special people!

Spydermonkey said...

I think i saw that kid on America's Most Wanted!!!!

Laura said...

What great pictures!! Looks like Jonah had a GREAT day!! BTW, I loved those rudolph bags! Too cute!!


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