Saturday, December 20, 2008


On December 12th, (yes, I am that far behind on blogging!!) we decided to try taking Jonah to a real movie at the theater. We did not know how long or if Jonah would be able to handle a movie but thought it was worth a shot. We got to the theater only to discover the film was broken and would not be showing that day. Since we were out and ready to do something as a family, we went across the street to Rivergate Bowl. This was also a first for Jonah.

The most despised yet funniest part of bowling are the shoes. So, we had to get a picture of us with our matching shoes. Jonah wore the smallest size they had available but they fit him just fine.
The first ball he got was 8 pounds. He could pick it up but dropped it a couple of times. I went to find him a smaller ball and came back with a 7 pound ball. That was better. The girl behind the counter saw him struggling a little and brought us a 6 pound ball from the back. PERFECT!

They also gave us a little contraption that allowed him to put his ball on it and then push it. He really liked that thing.

Dan is a former bowler! Yes, when I met him, he had his own bowling ball and shoes. He even had a little bag that held them both. He moved that bowling bag from Mississippi to Texas, to both of our apartments in Texas, to our house in Kentucky, to our first house in Vidalia then again when we moved to where we live now. Never once was that ball used!! So, I finally convinced him to sell it in our garage sale last December. As you can see, he is an official bowling geek! He does the leg thing and everything!!! (DISCLAIMER...not that bowling makes you a geek...him bowling makes HIM a geek!!!)

I wish the next picture weren't so blurry. I think it is so cute! He was into this!!

I'm very sad to say that I only beat a 2 year old child by 15 points. Bowling, obviously, is not my sport! Oh well, there is always gymnastics! (ha!)

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