Monday, November 24, 2008

Visiting Eli

We went over to visit Eli last week. Dan has had a lot going on and hasn't been able to see Eli since he was in the hospital. He was itching to hold him and play with him. So, we dressed Jonah in PJ's since it was late and headed over to visit. Jonah was a little unsure of his dad holding Eli. He acted all timid and then completely rambunctious!!!

He was sweet enough to introduce Eli to his best friend...Lammy! Jonah is totally and completely in love with Lammy. The sheer fact that he even let Lammy close to Eli was a huge deal!!

How sweet is the next picture? It took a little doing on our part to get Jonah to calm down around Eli but he finally settled down to get a picture with his new buddy. Those two are gonna spend lots of time together over the years to come so they should probably get used to having pictures made together.

And, just for your viewing pleasure, I present to you...Eli's daddy! Hey, don't blame Eli...we don't get to choose our parents!!!


Amanda said...

Eli's Daddy is such a goob, but I love him!

Definitely not Eli's Daddy said...

Eli's daddy is super hot!!!!


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