Monday, November 24, 2008

Preschool Thanksgiving Feast

We were invited to a Thanksgiving Feast/Program in Jonah's classroom last Friday. The kids were going to sing songs about Fall and Thanksgiving. Although, his teachers warned us they would probably be singing a duet because the kids get awfully shy when the parents show up! I snapped this picture right as Jonah spotted us. You can see Gracie Jane on the right as she noticed her mommy. So sweet.

The next picture cracks me up. Jonah was trying to force Marlie to go see her mom and dad. Marlie was doing what her teachers asked her to do by standing by the wall. Jonah was intent on her going to hug her mom like he did. See, peer pressure starts at an early age!!
Jonah did great at first. He actually sang and seemed to enjoy the performance. Then, something came over him and all he could do was growl and blow raspberries! In turn, all we could do was laugh! Not because it was necessarily so funny but more because we had never seen him do those things. I guess it was a social anxiety thing or something. You will be able to experience some of this for yourself at the end of this post. There are several videos.

And, here he is in the midst of a raspberry! He kept doing this over and over. Seriously, I have no idea why he started this or where he got it from. I was glad to get a picture while he was doing it just so I could document this moment.

Since this was Jonah's week to provide snacks, he was also the flag holder. So, he got to do this on Friday in front of all the parents. He was quite thrilled with himself. I was just glad he didn't take anyone out with the flag!

After the pledge, we all joined hands and said the blessing. Jonah used that as a chance to dance for everyone. What's up with that???

Jonah saw Dianne holding Hannah and said "I hold her for you!" I guess he thought he was helping. He is obsessed with holding babies. It is really sweet to watch him with her.

Be sure watch all of these videos. They sure made us chuckle. Who knew a 2 year old class program could be so entertaining??? Please notice how Jonah pushed Logan out of his way while they were singing. He did not want him in front of him. What a stage hog!!!!


NeNe said...

Well, NeNe or Pops...or even Taylor can't be blamed for that. We haven't been around enough to teach him that bad habit! LOL. Those were so cute. He is precious! Again - thanks for continuing to blog! We love you!

Spydermonkey said...

Did Jonah get kicked out of the play in that last video clip?

Eden & Noah's mama said...

I remember when Eden was in that class and she learned the pledge, just last week she came home with a little flag and she said her teacher asked her who taught her the pledge because not a lot of the kids in her class know it very well, and I told her Ms. tan and she said "oh I remember" who knows if she really does but I sure do!! Ms. Tan is an awesome teacher:)


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