Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween: Part TWO

After I got home from work yesterday, we all went in the yard to carve pumpkins. We had three pumpkins to carve but ended up only doing one. Jonah had the book so he could pick out which design we would use.

Jonah was pretty impressed with the big knife. He kept saying "I hold it!" As you can imagine, that did not happen. I continued to hold it but let him help me.

It was taking forever for me to cut the pumpkin because of the little boy sitting in my lap. I was trying to be extra careful with that knife since he was so close. I relinquished the rites to the knife to Dan.
Jonah helped scoop the guts out of the pumpkin. I thought that was pretty gross so I left it to Jonah and Dan. You will see more pictures of that as you keep reading this post.
Max had a large time in the yard with us. He loves to be outside. We have been having some problems with him lately so the time outside was good for him. Lets just say that if things don't get better, our little pup will be on Prozac!!!

We let Jonah put the stickers on the pumpkin. That didn't work out so well for the OCD side of me who wanted them on there straight.

After getting the stickers on the pumpkin, we started to punch the holes. While I was punching holes, Manna came over. So, we all took turns doing one part of the face. I did an eye. Manna did the mouth. Dan did the nose and an eye.

The mosquitoes were starting to like us so I went inside to get OFF. Jonah gets so tickled when you spray him with OFF.
We moved the pumpkin over to take some pictures of us with the finished product. Apparently all of the cutting didn't clue Jonah in to the fact that the pumpkin would be altered. We put the pumpkin in front of him and he said "OH NO!" He kept looking at it and trying to figure what happened.
Here is a picture of our happy family with our carved pumpkin. Even Max got to be in the picture but my shirt kind of masked him.
I'm glad Amanda came to share in our pumpkin fun. There is a picture I love that was taken during this little photo shoot but it will get a post of its own.

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Amanda said...

I love our pumpkin with the lopsided grin. He's so cute!


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