Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween: Part THREE (The Final Installment)

As most of you faithful blog readers know, our church usually hosts Trunk or Treat on Halloween night. Our family always decorates a car and goes all out for our theme. You can see last year by clicking HERE. Well, I got a MAJOR jump start on Trunk or Treat this year by deciding on a theme and ordering costumes. Our car was going to be a Concession Stand. Jonah was going to be a hot dog, Dan a Ketchup bottle and I was going to be a Mustard bottle. It was going to be awesome...THEN WE CANCELLED TRUNK OR TREAT!!! Boo-hoo!

Because Halloween fell on a Friday night, it was in competition with high school football. All of those games equaled lots of fans in the stands which meant less church members to decorate cars and make the event successful. We believe that when the church does something, it should be done with excellence. So, because we knew we could not meet the standard of excellence we had in the past, we cancelled Trunk or Treat this year. But, we promised to come back with an even better even next year.

Since Jonah's costume was ordered so far back, the opportunity to return it had long passed. I refused to let a Pottery Barn costume go to waste so off we went in a hot dog costume. I do think it would have been much cuter mixed in with the concession stand theme of our car but Jonah still managed to add a whole level of cuteness to that horded costume. AND, we even found a hot dog costume for Max at Target. (who, by the way, was LESS than thrilled at the possibility of wearing a costume!!)

So, without further adieu, I present...MY HOT DOGS!!!

Before we left to go Trick or Treat, I wanted a picture of the two of them in the swing. Unfortunately, when I suggested this idea, I did not specify which swing. I put Jonah in the big swing and the tears flowed. He wanted in HIS swing! So, after an awful looking picture in the big swing, we moved them to his swing. Poor Max...that is all I can say! dogs or not, you have to admit this is pretty cute. Had Max taken a small dose of Prozac, we would have allowed him to join us for the night. Instead, he had a date with a dog treat and his crate.
Here we all are before heading out. We decided ahead of time which houses we would visit. I even made a list. (Yes, I know...I'm a goober! Who makes a trick or treat list?) We did not make all the houses on our list because we ran out of time. We even passed a few houses that we wanted to stop but Jonah was out of his costume and happily in his car seat at that time. (Sorry Doughty's and Harrell's. We saw you outside but didn't risk a meltdown for turning off Peter Pan!)
Our first stop was at Cwiff and Beppa's house. Jonah knocked on the door and repeated "Tic or Freat" several times before the door opened. That ceased as soon as they opened the door.

Jonah was very happy to discover Batman Fruit Snacks and a flashlight at their house. You would think his list making mommy would have thought of a flash light. Nope...I was too busy making a timeline for the coming night!
This picture totally cracks me up! We were too lazy to get Jonah out at the Crain's house. They were having a huge party and rather than getting out to trick or treat, Penny brought his treat to the car. That is my kind of outing!
We went one street over and saw Chris Strong in the yard so we had to stop there. He was left to hand out candy while Michelle and kids "got ready!" Jonah was glad to take some pretzels from them. I was pretty proud of him for picking a healthy snack rather than candy.
We then saw the Rushings and Jean Dunaway. Roy is in his costume below...scary, huh?

We headed south to Clare and Mammy's house. They had a special treat for Jonah. (Imagine that?) He wanted to go in and play with the cats. We had to coax him out of there.
I carried him up the steps to speed things up. Then, we knocked on the door and waited for them to answer. I love the look of expectation on his face.

Mrs. Allie was expecting us to come by her house but she had just gotten put on hold with Centennial. She didn't want to lose her place in line so she greeted us while on hold. That was fine with Jonah. He was happy to just have a sucker!
We were told to knock on MaMaw and PaPaw Chandler's door even if the lights were off. MaMaw was very happy to see my little hot dog. She bought a special treat of RAISINS for him because she didn't know if would let him have candy. While he was very happy to get that big bag of Raisins, I did let her know that we give him the choice of candy on occasion and he usually chooses fruit of raisins. AND, we were going to let him eat candy from his "bucket."
She even gave him "monies" for his bank. My little miser was very happy to have "monies" and wanted it in his pocket!
We then traversed into the dangerous area of Taconey. My goodness gracious!!!! That is a trick or treating mecca! I have never in my life seen so many parked cars and so many kids out and about. It was insane. We hoped to go over to Simonton to see the Brocatos but never made it past Catherine Circle to see Uncle Marty and Aunt Debra. You can't see Jonah's face because of that silly hotdog costume but he was pumped because he got an ELMO phone there. (Who knew a kid could rack up so much Trick or Treating??)
We made our way down Plum street to see Papaw and NeNe. No, that isn't Jonah's Papaw and NeNe but it is Baylee's. She is a year younger than Jonah and lives in Nashville. When she was born, Greg and Cindy referred to themselves like that when Baylee was coming in town one time and Jonah picked up on it. Now, they are his Papaw and NeNe too! He loves them for sure! Thanks to Baylee for sharing them! (Oh, and that is Kassi...Baylee's favorite aunt!)
We then headed down Apple Street in hopes of making a couple of stops then going on to Peach Street to see Woy and Gwen. Unfortunately, Apple Street turned in to the biggest mess I have ever seen. Traffic (yes, traffic!!!!!) was completely stopped and you could not move. We sat still for probably 20 minutes. I was close to the longest 20 minutes of my life. My blood pressure rose slowly until I was ready to scream. All of the sudden, Trick or Treating ceased to be fun!

Dan got out and just walked with Jonah to see Dusty & D'Shay and then on down to Dusty and Heidi's house. Me...well, I just sat still and tried to remain calm in the middle of total and complete madness! Seriously, I have NEVER seen anything like that. We sat still so long that kids were coming to my car window to trick or treat. They thought the street was a parking lot!!!
Dusty and Heidi are the newest members of our church staff. They joined us a few weeks ago as our Minister to Students. We are so glad they are here. Jonah adores them already. He fell in love with them on their first visit and can't seem to get enough of them.
It finally got so late that we decided to make one final stop.
Josh and Amanda joined Sue at her house and Jonah was thrilled to see them all. I don't know if he realized that was the final stop or not but he was more than happy to remove the costume for the night.

He did have a grand time scoping out the remaning candy in the bowl at Sue's house. He pretty much took whatever he wanted. (Suckers are his favorite!)

As we were leaving, he told everyone goodbye then gave Eli a kiss. (Speaking of Eli, he will be here THIS Thursday, November 6...YAY!) Anyway, it was super sweet. We still aren't sure how he is going to respond when Eli is no longer in Manna's belly. He knows that is where he is supposed to be and is going to be so confused when he is out. Stay tuned for stories about that, I'm sure!
He walked out the door then realized he was on one side and couldn't get back in. He pushed and pushed to no avail. (Sorry for the handprints, Sue!)
When we arrived home, we changed into Halloween PJ's, put his "monies" in the bank, brushed his teeth and got his sugar loaded self in the bed. He was awake at least 1.5 hours after getting in the bed. I guess sugar really does cause a high!!! He never cried or whined. He just laid back there and talked to himself. Oh, to only know what he said!!!

It was a wonderful, wonderful night! (With the exception of Apple Street. Literally, I wanted to die!!!) What fun memories and experiences. I'm so grateful for my little family and for experiencing life beside those I love most!!!


David and Regina said...

We LOVE the hot dog costume. It's very cute.

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed Land said...

The hot dog(s) were hilarious! Just reading your trick or treat adventure made me tired!!!

Brandie said...

That is so stinkin' cute! I wish my kids would go for that but they've gotten too big):!

Tracy said...

Those are the cutest hotdogs I've ever seen!!! Stopping by from Kelly's Korner blog!

Veronika said...

Look at the little hot dog!! So cute! People should dress in more costumes like these! :)


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