Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Checking out the progress

I took Jonah to the church this afternoon to check the progress of the renovation project. He was very intrigued by everything. And, he was quite the politician while there. He spoke to everyone and even got upset when he did not get to shake hands or give five.

Below you will see the picture of the new ramp seating that will connect the balcony to the main floor. There is a section like this on each side of the sanctuary now. Everyone is really excited about this new addition. Jonah enjoyed going in and out of each section.

We went back to the choir room to check things out. It is a much nicer area and will provide lots of space for the choir. That is a room I won't be spending much time. I forgot to take a picture of the change to that area.
I took a couple of pictures from the stage of each side of the room so you can see some of the changes that have happened already.

Jonah was happy to do a little clean up for the guys. They offered to keep him and let him sweep! He would have been more than happy to stick around to help rather than going to take a nap.
Dan handed him the sledge hammer and he immediately put it back down and said "That's too big for Jonah!"
Then, he found a broom that was even more his size.

We let him stand on a piece of scaffolding. He thought he was BIG stuff. He jumped to Dan several times and had a large time. Watch the video at the end to see the fun!

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