Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chad & Amber's Wedding

Last Saturday, we headed to Clinton, MS for Amber Mraz's wedding. It was a pretty quick trip for us but we were glad to be there for the big event. This is what it looks like when you dress your child in the parking lot. He was less than cooperative.
We have learned to arrive at the last minute if there is any hope of Jonah making it though whatever event we are attending. That is SOOOO not me. But, in order to cause the least trouble, this works best for us. So, we walked into the church right on time. We were almost part of the wedding party!!We left the wedding and headed to the reception. Jonah was most impressed with the bubbles. He could have stayed there all day!!!

Jonah loves to take pictures with my camera. He took this one of his daddy. Pretty good, huh?
We sat on the steps and watched Amber and Chad as they arrived at the reception. He waved at them and kept saying "Hi!"

He saw NeNe come up the steps and could not understand why she didn't have time to come and play with him. He still thinks the world revolves around him and doesn't understand when it doesn't.
Dan snapped this picture of me and my little boy. He looked so grown up in his pinstripe pants and french blue shirt. Where did my baby boy go?

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