Friday, October 31, 2008

A trip to the Vidalia Library

I often get frustrated with small town life. I miss living in a place with fun things to do. But, Vidalia has an awesome library. So, in some very small way, that is consolation! Jonah and I spent some time there Wednesday afternoon. We had a blast.
They have a computer just for kids in the children's area. Jonah was stoked (yes, I just used the word stoked) to discover his friend Blue on the computer screen. He loved it. I'm thinking a desktop computer is going to be in our near future. A laptop is way too mobile for him. I want him to learn to operate a computer at an early age. He seemed to pick up on it pretty quickly at the library.
As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed himself. He was talking really loud because of the head phones. He didn't quite get the point of being quiet in a library. We still need to work on that.

Picking out a book took a while. Man, that kid is picky. He was determined to find a WoodyBuzz book. (That is TOY STORY for those of you who don't speak his movie lingo!)

We settled on a book about cars. After we picked the book, I told him we needed to go check out. He said "I go pay!" I handed him my library card and he headed straight for the desk. He thinks he paid with a credit card.

We also checked out a couple of movies. They were both pretty bad. He was way more advanced than those DVDs. They said they were for ages 3 and up but the stuff on the DVDs were things he learned a year ago. We promptly returned those the same night.

He walked out of the library with such confidence. He held his movies and book and marched right through there like he owned the place. I hope reading is always a priority for him. Both of his parents are readers and we hope that is something he will enjoy also.
The weather was so nice so we decided to sit on the steps and read the book. I took a pay cut to stay home with Jonah on these afternoons. But, on days like this, I hardly remember I even have a job. My little boy is such a joy and I treasure these times together.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Yes, Natalie and Jonah will definitely learn about computers from a very early age. Her daycare has computer one day a week. She sat in my lap time before last when they were in and I can tell she is already picking up on the functions of a mouse. So Neat!


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