Monday, October 27, 2008

Sesame Street LIVE

We left our house at 8:00 Friday morning headed to Jackson for a fun-filled day. Our first stop was the Mississippi Coliseum to see Sesame Street Live. We hated that this show was so close to Winnie the Pooh Live. We thought about waiting until Elmo comes some time next year but we could not guarantee he would still love Elmo next year. So, we went ahead and got tickets. I'm so glad we did. It was a fun day!!!
Our first stop was to shop! They strategically place those souvenir stands right in the view of every kid that walks in the door. Then, they are scattered all over the venue. I'm glad we knew in advance what we would get because that sped the process up. We stuck with our light-up/spinning toy.
As we were walking away, he stopped to hug Elmo. I tried to get him to do it again and ended up with this! It wasn't quite the same but sweet anyway!
The next picture really amazes me. It is a great depiction in the size difference of the two boys I love most in this world! Jonah is growing and changing so much every day that I sometimes forget he is still so little!
I took pictures for some of the people sitting around us so they offered to do the same for us. I love family events because everyone is so considerate of other families!!!!
Jonah wanted to sit on the steps much more than he wanted to sit in his seat. We let him sit there while waiting for the show to begin but them made him move to his seat during the show. That did not make him happy.
We were super excited to see the letter of the day was J! Jonah knows his alphabet so he loved singing along and naming all the letters when he saw them. He isn't able to completely name the numbers by sight but he is getting better with that by the day.
And, this is my gooby mommy face. Who knows what I was so giddy about? Apparently, I was having a LARGE time!
Oh wait, now I am pensive! Who knew Sesame Street Live could bring out so many emotions?
Jonah moved to daddy's lap after a while. He really did good to be just two years old. 1.5 hours is a long time to sit still. Fortunately, there is an intermission 45 minutes in to the show.
During that intermission, they came out selling more stuff. This time, it was ELMO balloons! Oh dear! We were stuck! They combined 2 of Jonah's greatest loves...ELMO and BALLOONS! Needless to say, we got one!
Dan took Jonah to get the balloon and to let him run off some energy. Once he got that balloon, he ran right back to me to show me. He was so thrilled with his purchase!
They kept finding their way back to the man selling the balloons. Jonah was mesmerized with all of those balloons.

We did a little more shopping but didn't buy anything. Jonah just wanted to verify that he did indeed get the spinning toy!

I can not tell you how many pictures I have like the next one. Jonah always holds his daddy's arm or touches him when he is next to him. It is always so sweet to see!
Dan and I both saw friends of ours from college while at the show. It was weird to see old friends with kids. It doesn't seem odd that we have one but it seems way odd that people our age have kids and aren't college students anymore! HA!

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Jami Ainsworth said...


The one where you asked him to hug Elmo again. This is the kind of stuff I miss all the time too...then when you tell them to do it's never the same. That's when we wish our eyes were cameras and that we could save that moment forever like we do images that we capture (digitally now not on film), but have it forever to never forget that special moment in time.


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