Friday, October 10, 2008

A new toy

This time last year, I started investigating fun outside toys to get Jonah for Christmas. We had just begun a backyard renovation (that STILL isn't complete!!!!) and I wanted to have lots of fun things for him to have in the yard. There wasn't anywhere local that had the bigger Little Tikes stuff so I had to resort to ordering from The only problem with this was the shipping was outrageous. The particular toy I wanted was over $200 shipping. So, I obviously opted not to order that. I ordered a smaller playhouse instead and that was a Christmas gift to him from us and Pops and NeNe.

I've kept my eye on the Little Tikes website since then to see if there was ever a free shipping event or a percentage off of the climbing toy I wanted. No such luck. Well, last Friday when we were on our way home from the fair, we needed to make a stop in Brookhaven at Wal-Mart. As we drove in, I saw the toy on display out front with a HUGE clearance sign. It was marked down from $289 to $115. Dan went to see if they had any more and was told that was the last one. There was no way we could get it in our van because it was put together. So, we left with a very sad mommy who came very close to a great bargain!

While we were driving, I remembered the Hargons were going to Jackson to the fair the next day. So, I called Josh to see if they were taking his truck. He was! He agreed to stop and buy it for me if it was still there. IT WAS! So, Jonah got an early Christmas present from his mommy and daddy! Although, he is pretty sure Mr. Josh gave it to him since he is the one who brought it.

I love bargains...especially ones like this. And, this is a toy that will last him for many years because the little rock climbing wall will adjust to be completely vertical. Since it was already assembled it saved Dan an afternoon of instructions and frustration! See, a win-win for all!!

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