Saturday, October 11, 2008

My little stud!

Dan and Josh had an early golf game this morning so Jonah had to hang with mom. Fortunately, he is still young enough to not be bothered by that. I had a 10:00 bridal shower/brunch to attend to we had to get moving pretty early. When I opened his closet to get his clothes out, he spotted a neck tie and said "I wear daddy's tie!" I told him it was his tie and not his daddy's. He wanted to wear it. So, I grabbed a pair of khakis and his new French Blue GAP shirt in hopes it would work with the tie. He thought he was HOT STUFF! As we were leaving his room, he spotted his fish trophy and demanded we take it with us. So, off we went!

Our first stop was at the post office to mail a package to Ella and Amelia. I got a jump start on Christmas shopping and found the cutest matching smocked outfits for them and the new baby. I tried to mail them yesterday but never got around to it. After visiting the post office with Jonah and his fish trophy, I feel quite confident I should have made a better effort yesterday.

While we were at the shower, we decided to go outside and watch the track hoe remove more of the debris from the Old Sanctuary. Jonah is so amazed with this whole process. I have a feeling we will spend lots of time over the next 6 months up at the church watching this project.

We moved to different locations so he could get a better look as the track hoe moved around the pile. At one point he got up and said "I go help!" He's awfully willing!!!


clairestrebeck said...

that's so funny. knox loves all kinds of building machines, too. he knows all of the different names somehow, even before i teach it to him. i guess wesley has something to do with that :) he calls them all collectively "choo-choo's," though :)

Barb said...

Oh my! He is so cute! You're gonna have a looker on your hands. Good luck with that. :)


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