Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun kiddos

Julia and Jonah were both in great moods this morning. They both just giggled and squealed as they played. Jonah was not too happy about having to wear a sweater but since he was wearing an Elmo t-shirt, I was able to convince him Elmo would be cold without that sweater.
I don't know how many of you watch One Tree Hill, but Dan said this was my Nanny Carrie shot! HA! I am NO Nanny Carrie but I do like this little girl a whole lot! Besides, she still sits with me and smiles for a picture while my wild child runs around the room! :-)
When it got time to go, Jonah didn't want to leave Lammy! His attachment to that little thing has multiplied over the last couple of months! I told him Lammy couldn't go to school with him so he needed to give him hugs and kisses and put him in the bed.

Julia thought I was talking to her so she went right over to give Jonah a hug.


4 J's said...

Ok...I am so glad that Joey and I are not the only adults that watch One Tree Hill! Nannie Carrie was CRAZY!!!!

cheryl & dave w. said...

i'm glad dave & i aren't alone either!! we dvr it so we can watch it together on a different night. nanny carrie made the beginning of this season really weird & creepy so i'm glad she's gone! you look nothing like nanny carrie in that shot...your smile is sincere, sweet, & loving!! =)


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