Monday, October 13, 2008

Jonah's first homework assignment

Dan picked Jonah up from school last Friday since I was out of town for work. He immediately called me to let me know that Jonah had homework. WHAT? Dan said he had to color an elephant over the weekend and take it back to school with him Monday. He asked if I wanted him to go ahead and do it. I quickly said NO! I didn't want to miss out on his first homework assignment. Dan, being the overachiever (NERD) that he is, wanted to be sure we got this done early in the weekend and not wait until the last minute.

Well, as you might imagine, life took over and Monday arrived with no colored elephant. So, while Dan was dressing Jonah for school, I pulled out the crayons and put the picture on the table for him to color. Julia was already at our house so she was trying to convince Jonah to play with her and the balloon rather than do his homework. (GIRLS ARE ALREADY TRYING TO INFLUENCE HIM!!!)
Be sure to notice that little hand trying to pull him away. Also, be sure to notice the little boy who is zoned in on his homework. I do believe this one takes after his daddy where school is concerned.
I moved Julia up to her seat so she could watch. She is in the Toddler class this year and has not had homework. She was content to sit there and eat a banana.

When all was said and done, this is our finished product. I made sure to be the one to help him with this so that Dan will have to help with Algebra. Coloring I can handle. Algebra, not so much!

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