Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween: Part ONE

Happy BOO day to all of you! I have never been a real fan of Halloween but now that Jonah is here...I LOVE IT! I do not love all the scary things it represents but I love the opportunity to spend a day playing and pretending. I love the parties and the festivities. I love that even grumpy and grouchy people can't help but giggle when they see a 2 year old dressed like a UPS man! I think we can all find things to be unhappy about in this crazy world but on a day like today that is dedicated to all things spooky, I took the opportunity to remind my little guy that God made today just like every other day and we should (and will!!!) REJOICE AND BE GLAD in that fact!

Jonah has 2 costumes this year! The first costume was solely for school. I needed something that wasn't cumbersome and was easy for him to wear for 3 hours. I could have done the typical Batman/Spiderman but I know my day is coming where that will be ALL Jonah wants. So, I figured I'd take advantage of one last year of forcing my opinion on him where costumes are concerned. I guarantee you, this costume got tons of laughs and people even stopped me to have THEIR picture made with him. TOO CUTE!

Our day started by getting Jonah fully dressed in the UPS costume. As you know, the UPS men wear brown socks with black shoes. We could do no less! Although, when I got to school, I discovered his socks were olive green...not brown. (Note to self: Get new lighting in our bedroom!)

The pants are a size 2 but they would not stay up. They kept falling to his ankles. So, in order to avoid humiliation, we had to rectify that situation. Dan went to find a needle and thread and took up an inch on each side. While Dan was doing that, Jonah kept informing us that "I need my paints! I need my paints!" (Yes, I spelled pants like paints because that is how he said it!

Our little UPS guy was in an AWESOME mood and gave hugs and kisses freely to his mommy and daddy. How sweet is this?

I forgot his "package" at home so he walked empty handed in to preschool. The package would have only enhanced this costume. It was so cute on it's own!

He signed himself right in! It was on the 3 year old sheet so I had to redo it. But, he gets an A for effort!
We walked over to the Toddler classroom first so Jonah could see Mrs. Audley. He was super happy to see Julia. Julia only comes to our house on Monday and Wednesday so he hadn't seen her yet this morning.
After I dropped him off, I went to work. I wasn't there long before I headed back to his school to take pictures of their Halloween party. I rounded the corner to go to his room and saw him playing through the door. I stood and watched him for just a minute before going in.
Hayden was a fireman and Jonah was very impressed with his props. I think he would have been just as happy to be a fireman. He loved Hayden's costume.
Anna and Gracie Jane were checking Jonah out and he got VERY teased. Check out the look on his face.
Coleman was a cowboy and even had is own horse. Jonah thought that was very cool. He looked at the horse and said "SAY NEIGH!!!" He was a little upset the horse didn't talk to him.
Hayden's mommy took this picture of me with my favorite delivery man. LOVE IT!
They moved over to their carpet to say the Pledge of Allegiance and to say the blessing. Marlie was the snack leader this week so she got to hold the flag.

Jonah loved the cupcakes that Coleman's mommy brought. He kept asking for "MORE CAKE!"
Sarah Catherine's mommy brought the stuff to make pumpkin candy necklaces. It was a little hard for all the kids so the mommies that were there took turns helping the kids. I helped Marlie and Sinnott make theirs then moved over to Jonah. He was more interested in eating his than wearing it.

Here he is with one of his teachers, Mrs. Tan. We absolutely love her and his other teacher, Mrs. Alisa.
Check out the haul he got today. He looked at it and said "That's all my stuff. Not for Max, ok?" Umm, he's the one that give Max stuff he shouldn't have...not us!!!

We stopped by the bank to see Josh and Cliff. Cliff was at a meeting but Josh was there. He even gave Jonah a package that he could carry around in order to complete the costume.

He then informed him that opening mail is a federal offense. I didn't want Jonah to do jail time so we headed home for a nap instead.


Sara Madalin's Mommy said...

That is so cute. You are so creative each year with his costumes. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Jonah looked so cute and grown up in the ups costume Love it Love ya'll, Dude99!

Rob H said...

That's cool that Jonah's picking up packages from Ben Affleck.

Barb said...

Jonah is an absolutely ADORABLE UPS man! How cute!

Amanda said...

That's the cutest UPS man I have ever seen!

Tammy Partin Spangler said...


Nancy at maddalee™ said...

Hi Glenn Gang! I'm visiting from Kelly's blog! Your children are adorable, cute costumes! I'm looking for new friends that might like to visit my new Maddalee blog...I'm offering some fun projects for children and their big people :-)

Blessings, Nancy


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