Saturday, October 11, 2008

A day at the farm!

Monday afternoon was an exciting time in the life of our little 2 year old. He loves Tim Welch (MeMaw) and knows that Tim has several tractors. So, all tractors are "MeMaw Tractors" to Jonah. Tim was in the midst of harvesting soybeans at the farm. Belinda really wanted Jonah to see the farm "work" and for Jonah to ride in Tim's big 18 wheeler. (As you know, he is obsessed with big trucks too!) So, we all loaded up in the van and headed to the Grain Elevator to meet Tim.
Dan got Jonah's carseat installed in the front seat of the truck for the ride to the farm. We could have just followed them in our car but we wanted Jonah to have the full experience. By the way, look at the lower left of the next picture at my goober husband cheesin' it through the window. What a geek!
Look at my little boy. He could not have been more thrilled! He was strapped in his carseat in a big ole truck and couldn't quit grinning.

As soon as we got to the farm, Jonah took off running to the tractor. I'm glad Tim had already planned to take him for a ride because Jonah headed straight towards it.

He was pretty impressed with unloading the beans into the truck. He thought that was WAY cool!

I took a little climb up the back of the trailer so I could see all of the soybeans in there. I got my hands dirty in the process. You know how much I like outdoor things. Hey, I'll do most anything for my little boy! I'm really branching out! Belinda thought I was going to made her very nervous!

Look at Jonah's eyes. He is pretty teased with Taylor (Taywere) sitting next to him. It was funny to watch him clam up once she got up there.
Look how my little boy is just like me. He didn't want his hands dirty either. He kept wiping them off. LOVE that about him.
After a great time at the farm (and 200 pictures later), Jonah gave MeMaw Tim and big hug and told him thanks. He had a blast!

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