Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Checking out the progress

I talked to Dan this afternoon and he was in the sanctuary checking things out. So, Jonah and I stopped by so we could see the progress. looks different in there.
I told Jonah when we walked in that he couldn't touch anything. You could see his little hands just itching to reach out and grab one of those tools or pieces of wood on the floor. He kept crossing his hands at his wrists as he looked at things. I was so proud of him...he never even tried to touch something he should not have touched. Oh, but he so wanted to!

He made sure to check out the plumbing and new foundation. Then, as a reward for obeying, Dan let him take up a tack strip. Personally, I saw that to be one of the more dangerous options since it was so sharp but he loved it.

I like taking him up there to see the progress because he loves anything to do with construction. From the dirt to the tools to the equipment...he loves it all! It makes for easy educational experiences.

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